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June 17, 2004

On Renewing a Subscription for a Foreign Publication

You might think being able to install Movable Type from scratch and code my own HTML and CSS (well, swipe code and adapt it for my own) means that I'm remarkably handy in other capacities, right? Try figuring out how to send a fax to the UK from our inscrutable office machines.

I ended up having our Mailroom people help me. The first time, only the first page went through (the second page having gotten stuck behind it). The second time went through swimmingly. End of story, right?

I just got a transatlantic call from the publisher, asking if we would please stop sending our fax, as they've just gotten a third copy and we're "rather wasting [their] paper." I apologized, explained the situation, and we confirmed that I wished to renew our subscription and update the address/contact information. Right, byeee!

It turns out that the Mailroom had a spare copy of my fax and couldn't remember if it was sent, so they re-sent it. So that should be it. But still - I'm getting an international phone call, which must cost some amount of money, to tell me I am wasting a few pages of their fax paper? They must have assumed they were under threat of mass faxing, which is understandable. But still!

Addendum: They called me back. Again! Their machine is still emitting "reams of paper of the same two pages." V. strange and not good at all. The Mailroom says nothing more is sending, and feeling guilty, I called the publisher to let them know. (So let's see, that's...three international calls, three intentional faxes and countless unintentional ones. Ack!) They were laughing at this point and think the last one may have come through. (Please!) So we were able to joke that there's no way to misunderstand that my subscription should be renewed.

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We're very environmentally-friendly over here, you know ... ; )

Posted by: Annie at June 17, 2004 04:59 PM