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June 18, 2004

A Simple Request

A floater secretary called to request a printout of an opinion published in the Fulton County Daily Report. I tracked it down and checked with one of our reference librarians to make sure the printout was acceptable. Strangely, the web product doesn't offer a clean, printer-friendly format, so to print a document makes it look like just another news article.

It turned out that the librarian had gotten the same request from the secretary whose work was being covered today by the floater. According to the secretary's note to my colleague, we were to just email the case to a partner in the San Francisco office, so the librarian tells me I can go ahead and do that. So I do, and I call the floater to tell her. She sounds flustered and says I should have sent it to her so she could print it out. I offer to send down to her the printout I'd already made. Abruptly she says she has to check something and will call me back.

A few minutes later I get a call from her from another phone extension. (???) She wants me to e-mail the article to her, explaining to me that when attorneys request a printout it's because they don't want to print it out themselves - meaning I should've sent it to her in the first place. It's true, there are people like this, but who is she to lecture me, especially when the original request instructed that we e-mail the article to the attorney! I shouldn't get my hackles up when I don't know if she's getting flak on her end and she doesn't know that I've been around lawyers for some time. A "thank you" would have been nice, but whatever.

So I sent it to her. I noted the case name and the original secretary's instructions in the subject line. And then I tossed the printout I'd made into the recycling bin.

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