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May 20, 2004

What A Girl Wants

Besides Colin Firth / Orlando Bloom leaping up beneath his horse / a personal concert by Neil Finn? Why, a tiara, of course.

Jade Moran makes some awfully pretty ones.

But why, you ask. What could I possibly do with it? I don't know. Back in NY, a girl in Scott's department kept one in her office. Whenever she needed to cheer herself up, out came the tiara. A splendid idea.

This is what comes of reading too many of the Andrew Lang Fairy Books. So I can't be a princess, ok. But I want the tiara, dammit!

[via Carol via Circa75, which you should totally read, because it's a first-person account of getting married in Cambridge. And yes, it made me teary, because I love weddings.]

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I have a tiara on top of my computer monitor. Can loan it out if need be.

Posted by: skimkins at May 24, 2004 09:14 PM