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April 15, 2004


I haven't slept well all this week, so why start now?

Airport Woes. An early morning flight after a major holiday, during the spring break season, in addition to regular business travelers, is a nightmare. AirTran's checkin line was horrendous. Fortunately the line for their kiosks was shorter - but you still had to get into another line to check your bag.

The security line, however, was a shock. It went past the ropes, through the atrium, all the way back to the rental car/baggage claim area. If you've ever been to Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, you might realize just how utterly fucked you are when your flight is leaving in less than an hour. Once you get through security, you have to take a train to get to your terminal, then you have to race up crowded escalators, run down the corridor to your gate. Only to find out the flight is closed and the plane that is in plain sight might as well have left. I nearly threw up from the stress, but we were placed on the next flight, undoubtedly taking the seats of people who were still going through security.

Naturally, our checked bag went missing. It should have been on the flight we missed, but we didn't get it until it was delivered at 12:25 pm the next day. The man we first dealt with was incredibly helpful and conscientious, but the rest of AirTran's Chicago baggage office at Midway can go to hell. Their lack of followup and mixed messages did much to aggravate the situation.

The Visit. We weren't really in Chicago so much as the suburbs to see Scott's mom. Sadly, it seemed much of our visit involved waiting for the suitcase while watching episodes of Deep Space 9 or reading the Trib and ranting about current events. But we still had a great time hanging out with her. We had a great Italian dinner, capping it off with a chocolate layer cake that used cannoli filling between the layers. If churches used this instead of communion wafers I would so become a Christian. (Ok, just kidding.)

Cubs Fans. On the 9:20 train to the city, we ended up sitting with a full complement of baseball fans. They were lively, especially after starting in on their cases of beer. They sassed a couple of White Sox fans who were passing through to the next car. But they were nice, offering to share their beer with us. We demurred, saying it was a bit early, prompting one girl to shout "That's what I said until I started drinking!" They also had blackberry brandy and Jagermeister, but again it seemed a bit much so soon in the day.

Phone calls. In the last few days, I got hysterical calls from each of my sisters. Our family dog has just been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. He's too old for surgery and even medicine at this point would do more harm than good. I drove straight up from the airport to come visit. Today was a good day for him. He was alert, and willing to get up several times to pee (which is all he can do) and drink more water. But he's so skinny and frail, and he has a constant shiver - I don't know if he's cold or if his body is just losing control. It would be kindest to let him go before he suffers any more, but nobody else wants to admit it yet.

I know they have to be ready to admit it, but it pisses me off that they are thinking more about themselves than about what's best for the dog.

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i think jarod's mom once sent him a card that said, "you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning!"

Posted by: marco at April 16, 2004 09:06 PM

oh those lines made me wait a whole 6 hours before i could get on another flight to san francisco! it was awful.

Posted by: stef at April 17, 2004 01:50 PM