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April 27, 2004

Hello, Little Man

We have another nephew, Nicholas. He was born early Saturday morning (4/24), good sized - some 8 lbs, 6(?) oz. If I were a better auntie I'd know these things. But I couldn't resist buying the kid a wee t-shirt. He's going to have tons of hand-me-downs, so I thought he should have at least one shirt of his own.

He also has two middle names, named after his two uncles. I guess Genghis Khan, which was our other nephew's suggestion, didn't make the final cut.

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I would be careful with what t-shirt I bought him if I were you. :)

Posted by: LTR at April 27, 2004 11:39 AM

Yeah, I rather doubt his parents would care for the kinds of shirts I buy for myself.

Posted by: LadyCrumpet at April 27, 2004 11:49 AM

While I'm pleased and proud to be a namesake, I'm a bit disappointed that his older brother's suggested name didn't have an impact. At the very least, it would have given his father something interesting to yell at him.

Posted by: Scott at April 28, 2004 09:56 AM