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April 08, 2004


Librarian humor, courtesy of The Onion:
Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine "The new search function is even customizable. Users can set their search to plumb their souls at varying depths, to make shallow discoveries or life-changing ones. They can also adjust their security preferences to protect themselves from the dangers of baring their naked souls to the world, and parental controls can be enabled in order to prevent children from looking inside themselves."

Legal humor, courtesy of USDC, Southern District of Texas:
Oral Argument: The duel of the tongue vibrators This is a patent infringement case that goes to trial in September. "[Judge Gilmore's] courtroom will see a titanic battle this fall to determine just who owns the patent for designing a small vibrator that attaches to the tongue, presumably to facilitate the kind of activities that might still get you arrested in certain Southern states." The lawyers involved are passionate about the case; two of them got into fisticuffs during a deposition last month in San Francisco, prompting the appearance of an "army of officers." [Houston Press via ObscureStore]

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