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March 17, 2004

Soul Stirring

Met for a fine dinner at Watershed with Little Toy Robot and rawbrick. Made reservations for 6:30 - yes, on a Tuesday night. But given that the special on Tuesdays is fried chicken, that Indigo Girl Emily Saliers is an owner, and Scott Peacock, co-author of The Gift of Southern Cooking, is executive chef, it was a good thing I called in.

It was fried chicken all around, accompanied by sides of biscuits, green beans and mashed potatoes - marvelous. A glass of wine, some beers, coffees and a slice of chocolate cake later, we managed to ring up an impressive tab. We had talked perhaps of making this a weekly ritual, but after we discovered that our specials cost $17 each, we realized this is a place for Mom&Dad to pick up the check. Actually, there's a variety of price ranges, so it's possible to eat there less expensively. Sunday brunch looks good; they even offer Toad in the Hole.

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