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March 28, 2004

On Buying Lemon Drops at Manuel's

Scene: A bunch of librarians have gotten together to celebrate a friend's birthday. Rawbrick has offered a round of shots with the birthday boy. Having also agreed to partake, with my pint of Hefeweizen still on the table, I have gone to help carry them from the bar.

While we're waiting, it occurs to me that this isn't the first time I've had a drink today. Earlier, I went to a cooking demo that also featured a wine tasting. Feeling a little lightheaded, I thought it best to walk around a bit before getting back on the road. Wandered into a used bookshop, and went slightly crazy, picking up a retold version of Faust, a literary critique of Mrs. Radcliffe, and Who Betrays Elizabeth Bennet?, a book of essays that work out obscure literary puzzles.

Gosh. What would have happened if I'd been blind drunk? "Hello, Mr./Ms. Bookseller, I *hiccup* would like to purchase a full, unabridged set of the OED. No, no, not the single volume in the slipcased cover with the magnifying glass. No, I want the full, multi-volume set. Thahnksssh...."

As it was, being only slightly tipsy, I joined the others later for a few rounds of pool at Twain's. Having not touched a cue in ages, I somehow managed to hit the balls into the pockets more often than not. The conversation ranged from the cataloging issues of setting up one's collection in Mediachest to "Is that Africa or South America tattooed on that woman's back? And are those tattoo flames coming out from her ass?"

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I still think it was Africa, with Alaska off to the side. Weird!

Posted by: LTR at March 29, 2004 10:58 AM

that's no worse than lauren and i going into the health food store for groceries after a brunch that included several screwdrivers!

Posted by: zeebah at March 31, 2004 03:51 PM