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March 05, 2004

Martha Stewart, Baconovic Guilty

Interesting to see the development of this story in the last 40 minutes. First there were AP updates on the New York Times website indicating a verdict had been reached. Then there was a text bar at the top of NYT's news content indicating she'd been found guilty, including a flashing red exclamation point to grab one's attention. A quick check to CNN found that they were still showing the Shiite's reluctance (surprise, surprise) to sign the interim constitution for Iraq as the top news. Moments later, that had been updated as well, with a brief article and color chart indicating Stewart and Bacanovic's charges and how the jury had voted.

In the meantime, Scott had called and I knew exactly what he was talking about when he asked if I heard the news. Multiple refreshes of NYT and CNN pages and still no story. Guess the reporters had to actually write their stories, instead of going all Jayson Blair on us. The more instant news fix would've been to turn on the television where all the talking heads would be bursting in on people's soap operas to tell us the latest developments. But no, I kept refreshing the page, because I'm a webaholic.

Apropos tidbit: Gossip columnists Rush & Molloy reported on Wednesday that Douglas Faneuil, who testified that Baconovic had told him to tip off Martha, as well as that Martha had been really, really mean to him over the phone in their dealings, works at a gallery co-owned by Choire Sicha, editor of Gawker.

And what does Lady Crumpet think of all this? I'd like to see the prosecutors target everybody who's ever been guilty of insider trading. Ha! Was Martha a political target? Sure. Should she go to jail for 20 years when there are people equally guilty, with significantly higher amounts of money at stake, but are walking around freely trading stock tips? Talk about hypocrisy, as well as unequal dispensations of justice.

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The AP Wire ( your friend in these situations.

Posted by: zeebah at March 8, 2004 03:13 PM