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March 05, 2004

Ends Justify the Means...

Especially if you're Republican.

Report on the Investigation into Improper Access to the Senate Judiciary Committee's Computer System [Findlaw]

Report Finds Republican Aides Spied on Democrats [Neil A. Lewis, NYT, 3/5/04] A redacted version of the report was supposed to be released, but the version naming the staffers, Manuel Miranda and Jason Lundell, got out instead. According to the article:

Mr. Lundell was described in the report as a young and curious clerk who was eager to impress his superiors. The report said that he freely admitted to Senator Hatch and investigators his role in the matter and had left Washington to attend graduate school in accounting in Texas. His whereabouts could not be determined.

Is anyone else disturbed that this "young and curious clerk" who stole documents for 18 months is now going into accounting? Of course I'm also disturbed by the stupid level of security that made this breach possible.

Former Senate Staffers Faulted in Memo Leaks [Steve Turnham, CNN] Of interest:

[C]onservative groups, such as the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary, contend the content of the memos is more important than how they were obtained, charging that they show Democrats were colluding with outside interest groups to develop strategies to block President Bush's judicial nominations.

Hmmm. So should we not-hack into Dick Cheney's office and not-steal those energy memos he doesn't want the American public to see, because it's not any of our business as to whom they speak to for their "unvarnished" opinions?

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