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March 22, 2004

Cats in Libraries

A library does seem more complete when there's a cat around, which is why we have two tabbies at home. An article about library cats offers a glimpse into how such felines came to reside in the stacks. The Library Cat Society celebrates and promotes cats in libraries. The site also displays a map showing library cats around the world.

Addendum: Only somewhat related. A man up in Gwinnett County owns 75 cats which he keeps track of through a, database. According to the article, the good care given to the cats, as well as the maintenance of the database, demonstrate that the guy isn't a classic "hoarder" - that is, one of those mentally unsound people who keep lots of animals in horrible conditions and don't understand why that's wrong. He's also willing to give some cats to good homes, if anyone's interested.

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