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February 23, 2004

Skadden Arps Dish

Gossip and law firms, a deliciously evil combination. Yet another incident of a lawyer, this time from behemoth firm Skadden Arps, who unwisely used e-mail to express a sharp difference of opinion, leading to furious forwarding, headers and confidentiality notices still attached. You'd think lawyers would be the most cautious about leaving documented trails.

[via Who Stole the Tarts]

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I work with attorneys and technology on a daily basis. Most of the time, you have to hold their hand and walk them through the simplest function. Don't get me started on some of the admins, either. I had to give one step-by-step directions to get to the firm's own website last week. "Open the browser. The browser. The little blue E at the bottom of your screen, do you see it? Yes, the intranet is a browser. Type In the white area at the top. See where it says http?" *drops head into hands and weeps helplessly*

Posted by: Mags at February 23, 2004 07:23 PM

Yeah, it's pretty amazing how little people know about using computers, although I think it's more about mindset than generational differences.

I had to get a volume borrowed for an attorney even though we have the state code available in Westlaw. You can even print out the necessary pages and it looks just like the pages in the book. But the attorney didn't feel comfortable consulting the database - he needed to have the book in front of him. *shrug* Sometimes you just have to make them happy. But hey, as long as they're nice and appreciative about it.

Posted by: LadyCrumpet at February 24, 2004 11:20 AM

But hey, as long as they're nice and appreciative about it.

The operative concept. Sometimes one suspects they're being difficult just because they can.

I like to disarm them, be super-nice and super-helpful and then they end up backing off and apologizing and they're all, "Oh, whenever you get a chance! ha ha!"

Posted by: The HP at February 25, 2004 09:25 PM

This guy is a total weasle and should have been fired for sending a confidential document out to the public.

Posted by: JD at April 30, 2004 10:17 PM