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February 26, 2004

Random Bits

1. I'd applied to be a library volunteer at the county public library back in September. Today I finally got an email from the coordinator asking if I was interested. I'll have to update her on my job situation, but perhaps I could do something once a week.

2. A librarian from another firm called with an ILL inquiry. She didn't recognize me, and I didn't volunteer that I knew her from when I used to work at that firm as a legal assistant. At the time, I was really intimidated by her and filled with dread whenever I had to ask for her help with research. I was even driven to tears after one of our reference interviews. Now we are just polite voices on the phone, which is ok by me.

3. One of the partners is leaving for another firm. Yesterday I had to haul a massive cart to his office to pick up books that the library hadn't seen in years. In trying to be helpful, he put all the books in one place: on top of a tall file cabinet. I ended up having to climb up on one of his leather visitor chairs in order to get to them. He also had some ILLs that I knew were due - overdue, in fact. Never mind that the same material is in Westlaw, meaning that these books didn't need to be borrowed in the first place. But I couldn't collect them until he'd made copies of the pages he needed. I know how hectic it is to wrap things up and get your office packed up, so I was trying to be helpful. Mainly, I didn't want books that we borrowed to get "lost" in the move. But every time I checked in with him, he still hadn't made the damn copies. I even volunteered to make the copies for him. Finally he gave the books to an associate who will make sure his sections get copied and who's still going to be around for me to pester. Because I so enjoy being a damn book monitor. Anyway, librarian circles are small. The librarian at his new firm has already been warned that this guy requires serious high maintenance.

4. Meeting up for beer and vittles with some librarian friends tonight.

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