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February 09, 2004

Anti-war Activists Subpoenaed

Feds Win Right to War Protestors' Records [Ryan J. Foley, AP] Federal subpoenas have been issued to Drake University as well as four of the activists who attended a forum at the school back in November:

In addition to records about who attended the forum, the subpoena orders the university to divulge all records relating to the local chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, a New York-based legal activist organization that sponsored the forum.
The targets of the subpoenas believe investigators are trying to link them to an incident that occurred during the rally. A Grinnell College librarian was charged with misdemeanor assault on a peace officer; she has pleaded innocent, saying she simply went limp and resisted arrest.

Additionally, the subpoena, at least for the university, includes a gag order.

Addendum: Additional information regarding one of the subpoenaed activists, via Daily Kos

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