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January 22, 2004

Tuppence, Tuppence

I realize that my question was buried at the bottom of the post, but I am rather curious as to what you fellow bloggers think. So to reiterate:

Allow anonymous comments, or ask that comments be accompanied by contact information? Explain.

And to be clear, I've configured the comments so that even the people with something to hide can say what's on their minds.

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Personally, I think it's useful to have some sort of contact information. If you want to continue a point mentioned in a comment, it's nice to have at least an email address. Also, I think there's a greater sense of accountability with non-anonymous posting, so people might think twice before firing off something offensive?

Just my tuppence. Feel free to disregard as necessary. :)

Posted by: Cordelia at January 22, 2004 09:16 PM

I require it, if only because it makes replying to comments in email just that much easier. ;-)

Posted by: Frankenstein at January 22, 2004 09:35 PM

I agree, on both those counts. I mean, I realize that we can communicate here through the comments. But at the same time, I feel that if you want to participate in the conversation, you should be willing to be accountable. I'm less interested in hearing from those who dash off a comment and then disappear into cyberspace.

Of course, this may encourage people to leave false info. Fortunately this blog doesn't amount to a hill of beans in terms of significant numbers comments generated. But that's because I'm more into the quality of the conversation. ;)

Posted by: LadyCrumpet at January 23, 2004 10:30 AM

Apart from the fact that, for the worst case, IP addresses are being logged, I think it is only fair to ask for either an email address or a [personal] website. After all, if someone has to contribute to a weblog, they should sign off or choose to shut up. I am just thinking whether I have ever come across a letter to the editor sigined off "anonymous"...I guess I haven't?

Posted by: mademoiselle a. at January 30, 2004 05:42 PM