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January 20, 2004

To Plugin or Not to Plugin?

Cordelia posted about using the NOT Filter for Categories. But I'm not sure if I have a use for it yet.

It did get me to thinking, though. Is there a plugin that would allow you to not display posts for a certain category on the main page of the blog? Scott Andrew described one that seems to work, MT Exclude Categories. Posts for that category would not appear with all the other entries, but could still be accessible through your category listings (unless you used a plugin to filter out the category from the list as well).

Although I haven't written much of anything lately, the idea occurred to me because I wondered how I could separate more personal entries from the librariana-related posts. Technically, those entries would still be accessible for those who want to read them - clicking on the category name would pull up all posts from the category. Unfortunately, using this particular plugin means that posts filed under several categories still would be filtered from the main page if one of the categories was specified in the plugin.

Apart from technical issues and usability issues - will people still want to read certain posts if they have to click beyond the main page? - what about how that fits in with the nature of blogging? If I'm not mistaken, I believe there are blogging tools or plugins that allow you to limit certain posts, if not the entire blog, to registered users. Or at least that's something in the works. After finding out recently how I came up as a minor subject of gossip I realized that there are people I really, really don't want to know about the blog. But having a protected, registered-user site rather limits who gets to read the blog - is that really such a good idea? I suppose it depends on who your audience is supposed to be - if it's just your friends or family or colleagues, sure. But if you're aiming for a wider audience, how many people won't bother to read if they have to sign up for yet another id and password?

What if I were to write a post but not publish it? Or write it but use plugins as just described so that a post is written, but because it's filtered from both the page and the category list, the post only exists for me as the writer? Or more simply, why write the post at all? Another possibility is to maintain a separate blog - for instance, having a true librarian blog, one that's tightly focused on issues or resources of interest as a librarian. Although my description does say "librariana, literature and the law" the Armoire has been more of a common-place book of late.

And one final issue: Although as MT users we have options with comments - none, allow them, or allow them but only to people who leave an email address and/or URL - what is appropriate, at least for bloggers who allow for comments? I started out with open comments, which is most reader-friendly, but that always leaves the possibility of people posting who choose not to leave any information, which I think is annoying and cowardly, especially if you're going to post something critical. I do realize people have privacy concerns - and as a blogger I know that I am choosing to put more of myself out there, even under a pseudonym, than someone who's merely leaving a comment. At the same time, whether the perception is merited or not, I'm less inclined to take your comment seriously if you won't leave a way for me to get in touch with you privately. Anyway it's not like this has really happened a lot, and I'm more concerned about f*cking spambots which are more than willing to fill out all the blanks with all of their bogus crap.

Thoughts? I open up the comments to all, including you anonymous wusses. ;)

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Hmmm... If I understand what you're saying, I think that the NOT filter should work. I used it to stop my Quotes category from showing on the main body of my blog, but inserted it separately in my sidebar. I believe that you can have it show only in your category list, or not at all, for that matter.

Glad to know that my posting about the filter helped someone!

Posted by: Cordelia at January 22, 2004 09:13 PM