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January 30, 2004

Riding the Elevators

The way my office is situated, I have to take two sets of elevators just to get to my desk. So most of the time, my forays around the office - to pick up books, to drop off invoices, to get a steaming cup of chai - result in my getting in and out of elevators throughout the day. While there are the emergency stairs, there doesn't seem to be an inner staircase that connects my floor to the other floors (there's one for the lower floors). Otherwise I'd be getting superfit in no time.

Just back from a trip to Accounting, with a bonus cup of chai to sweeten the journey. Although billing issues aren't my favorite aspect of the job, the process here is a lot less brain-numbing. I'm not the one processing the bills (hurrah!), but I am a liaison between the Library and Accounting, to follow up on problem bills.

In my experience, getting things done around an office is a zillion times better when you can establish a rapport with people. You definitely want to be friendly, or at the least, extremely polite, with Accounting, the Mail Room, the Copy Department, Word Processing, the receptionists, the secretaries, the paralegals, and yes, the librarians. Of course, the attorneys too, but you have to let them take the lead on how friendly they want to be with you. So far, people at all levels have been astonishingly nice - I continue to be floored by this. I mean, I don't expect everyone here to have a great personality and to be immensely friendly and helpful, but that's really been the norm around here rather than the exception.

Now this is not to say that you should be fake-friendly and kiss ass, because people can totally tell when you're being nice in order to get something from them. But if you can establish a good relationship with people that you have to work with, problem-solving becomes so much easier for everyone involved. There doesn't have to be tears or despair or bashing one's head on the desk, muttering obscenities.

I am very thankful to be on good terms with the lady in Accounting.

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having worked in accounting depts for the last 7 years, it is true, you must be nice to us lest your expense check, research question, report, etc... get placed at the bottom of the to do list... it is the unwritten rule of accounting...

but oh! bribes and chocolate, however, will get you top notch service!

Posted by: marco at January 30, 2004 10:21 PM