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December 25, 2003

Who Wants a Card?

As usual, I'm late every year with sending out holiday greetings. Although not here on the blog - Merry Christmas!

Since my schedule is now wide open, I thought I might aim for the spirit of the day - goodwill to man, let your heart be light, jingle bells/batman smells, etc. - and write some Christmas cards. As instant and as animated as e-mail and e-cards can be, I've always loved getting something tangible and handwritten in the mail. I love beautiful notecards - as my office supply closet can attest to all the unused stationery, waiting to fulfill their potential. But when I do take a moment to write something, I am always glad that I did, because it's worth telling people things that you might not always say, but always mean to say.

Would you like to receive a card? Email me with your coordinates, and I shall send you one.

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merry merry! :) thank you for the sweet offer. i too am a huge fan of both giving and receiving real live actual mail, particularly at the holidays. what a shame we all don't do this more, nowadays.......we were probably born too late. :)

Posted by: Sulkbrarian at December 28, 2003 03:22 AM