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December 07, 2003


This week's schedule has been rather hectic - holiday party, meeting folks for drinks, catching a new print of Eyes Without A Face, going shopping for gifts with one of my sisters. Yesterday we traded in some of our unwanted CDs and of course, found new ones. Good scores include Utopia Parkway from Fountains of Wayne and Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams. Later, we went out for fondue at Dante's to celebrate a friend's birthday; she also turns 30 this year. Afterwards, since we were in the area, also checked out the used collection over at Tower Records, where I found the new Kelly Willis record.

Today was more leisurely - getting bagels and reading the Sunday NYT. This afternoon I'm dragging everybody to see the extended Fellowship of the Ring. It's gonna totally rock. A vital question, though: Do I dare to wear my Austrian woolen cape? While it is chilly enough to wear something so warm and snug, I'm not sure I want to be mistaken for a hobbit. ;)

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