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December 11, 2003


The Blogbook, which calls itself an "Open Source Law Project," aims to serve as a guide to legal blogging, as well as a forum to "facilitate discussions around the technical, stylistic and ethical components of legal blogging." It's got a clean, simple design, links to recent posts and of course a blogroll of legal blogs, or "blawgs," as they're now being called.

The most interesting feature of the blog's design is the way its content is organized. The horizontal menu bar, beneath the title and caption, has links for Citations, Style, Code of Ethics, and FAQ/Contact. Following one of these links leads you to a sub-blog, whose posts are relevant to the subject link. The look remains the same, so the sense of place, of the site's continuity, remains intact. Only the blog content changes, depending upon the link, because you're actually looking at a separate blog. My only quibble is that while many people know that clicking on the blog title will take one back to the main page, there still ought to be a "Main" link in the menu bar for easy navigation. Overall, it's a neat approach, having separate blogs for related topics that are contained under the umbrella of a primary blog.

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