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December 08, 2003

A good sign?

Zeebah called me today to tell me she'd been contacted as a reference. I immediately got on the phone to call most of my old supervisors, to let them know they might get a call as well.

I realize this is bad form; they ought to know ahead of time that I'm on the job hunt again, and would they please serve as a reference once more? It's what needs to be done, but I hate dropping off the face of the earth only to resurface and ask my former bosses to put in a good word for me. If I were really on the ball, at least I'd send a holiday card every year, right? Unfortunately, my last firm has the policy of not giving references, so my former supervisor can only confirm that I worked there. But Zeebah has a new job now, so she's free to attest to our working together.

As much as I dreaded the resurfacing, my former bosses were fantastically swell and promised to entertain all such inquiries. I'm so grateful - that they're so nice, and that they also happen to be partners in their firms. 'Cause it's all about status, baby.

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