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November 14, 2003


Especially since I'm done with the interview. I did try to prepare with questions and what I would say. But it's really hard to answer in any meaningful way when you don't have certain experience - like getting a library ready for opening for the day, or anything similar. Of course, I totally forgot to mention possibly related activities from college and whatnot. I guess I did ok, I tried to be enthusiastic, to listen well, to ask good questions, promote the transferable skills I did have, but I don't feel like I was stellar. The librarians were very nice, very friendly and the interview didn't quite feel like an inquisition. I'll find out by next week whether or not I got it, so the torture shouldn't be too over-extended. Even though public librarianship hasn't been my first avenue, I feel like it would be a good chance to work with people on a community level.

So I'm off to a cafe for something with ridiculous amounts of whipped cream to write my thank you notes and up my word count on my flippin' novel. This time I'll remember the industrial earphones to block out the other drama queens who also hang out at the cafe while being unemployed. *sigh*

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Whew! Feels better now, doesn't it! Hope you get the job--enjoy the decadent fancy coffee! :P

Oh, I know. My first face-to-face panel interview was good, but I felt as though I left out a few things. I took to having this kind of summarized resume/activities sheet in front of me, in my legal pad folder, so I could quickly refer to it to see what I had done! 'Cause you forget!!! Grr...

xoxo sulky

Posted by: Sulkbrarian at November 14, 2003 07:23 PM