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November 28, 2003

Post-Holiday Recap

Stayed close to home. Scott got up way early to go run a half marathon, which, as everybody knows, is thirteen miles. He woke me up to point out the Thanksgiving contribution from the neighbor's cat - another vole, which I have now learned is the correct term for these poor little guys with no eyes or ears and are covered in dark gray fur.

During the day Marco and I made chocolate cupcakes and pumpkin pies. We should have had deeper pie crusts, but that's the fault of the grocery store for lumping all of the pumpkin pie stuff together in a special display. We poured the extra over broken ginger snaps in paper cupcake cups. Still highly edible, once baked.

During this time we discovered the joy of living in an old house. While washing dishes, a leak emerged from beneath the cabinetry - not directly beneath the sink, where you'd think, but no, where the cabinetry meets the hardwood floor. Yaaaaay. So for the moment I have to wash dishes next door.

Next we repaired to next door to get the dinner going - the ever traditional burritos. We chopped garlic, onions, green peppers, jalapenos, olives, set out salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and shredded cheese. Heated up both black and pinto beans, as well as some corn, and the do-it-yourself buffet was ready to go. I now have a much better appreciation for why Taco Bell isn't exactly the fastest of the fast food world. A mutual friend's sister came to visit and hang out with us. The dear girl brought some good wine, a syrah, and she made baby pumpkin cheesecakes - hot damn. Marco's new roommate also made some sort of Mexican casserole - also muy bueno.

We did a semi-serious group toast - after lunging in to sample our monster burritos, and all was good. We then went back to our place where all the desserts had cooled, and proceeded with generous slices of pumpkin pie, chocolate cupcakes and the pumpkin cheesecakes. We washed the sweets down with wine or hot cider, and played vicious rounds of Uno and Pass the Pigs. Definitely a fun, laid-back kinda day.

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