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November 26, 2003

It's All How You Say It

My brother-in-law came down for a few days to attend a biblical studies conference. He stayed with us, which was great, as we haven't seen most of the family for some time, having been bogged down with the finishing up of advanced degrees. I even made chili for dinner one night, which turned out really well (I went back for seconds).

BIL is a big fan of chocolate, in whatever form he can get it. After being sufficiently sated by the chili, we took him to Jake's for an ice cream fix. One of the available flavors is the Chocolate Slap Yo Mama - very chocolaty, with chunks of chocolate as well. But BIL couldn't bring himself to say it - to our great amusement, he very hesitantly ordered a scoop in a cup of the "Chocolate Slap, er, Your Mother." "You mean the Chocolate Slap Yo Mama?" said the gal behind the counter, correcting him. "Uh, yes" said the BIL.

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