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November 29, 2003


A quiet day, my birthday. Bitterly cold one too; the feeble sunlight couldn't do much to warm up the day. Took a long brisk walk in the morning. Swung a bit on the swings. Lunch at Savage Pizza - pizza with garlic white sauce, salami and red onions. The musical selection during the meal was old country, the highlight being "Rocky Top."

The cat-napping continues; I bought a plastic box and lined it with an old bathrobe, setting it outside our back door in case the cat wants an alternative place to sleep. Rumor has it that the neighbors are merely fostering the cats, with the idea of eventually finding them homes. I should just ask, shouldn't I? She's been coming into the house and exploring; the other cats aren't exactly thrilled, but there's been no sign of vicious ill will, just the usual territorial posturing. I think everybody would get along.

More book browsing at the used shops. Found some nice fat books - a hardcover of The Mists of Avalon, The Mabinogion Tetralogy, and a Penguin paperback of Samuel Richardson's Clarissa, which is pretty damn huge. It's possible I could resurface after a few months whilst reading these books - I haven't even gotten to the new Harry Potter yet.

I have some birthday money, which I think I'll put towards a digital camera (the Lady Crumpet Monogram/Tattoo Fund will have to wait until I get a job, and oh, make a dent in existing debts). I've been chatting with my friend Mike who's been giving me good tips about which one to pick. FYI, some good sites for comparison shopping and bestwebbuys, which allow you to look for particular products and quickly find the best online deal.

Dinner was at a steakhouse; at least four other people were there for their birthdays, judging by the waitstaff's multiple singing ambushes. Fortunately my date for the evening wisely refrained from asking the same for me. We eventually headed to Jake's in Decatur with Marco in tow. It was a bit embarrassing; I had to ask the guy behind the counter if they did the free birthday scoop. Apparently this isn't universal policy at all locations, but they ultimately didn't charge me. The Pumpkin Piescream is pretty divine, I have to say. Played Uno at the table decoupaged with Nancy Drew pages and won not once, but twice. Hah!

A good day, overall.

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You're sharing this day with my brother-in-law (or vice versa, as you like). And you're another sag...sagi...sagtari...oh you guess that. Welcome to our club of Sagis :) Happy Birthday *belated*

Posted by: mademoiselle a. at December 3, 2003 12:51 PM