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October 15, 2003

"You'll ruin him, Colin!"

Apparently when Colin Firth was offered the role of Mr. Darcy, his women friends urged him not to take it, telling him "'you'll ruin it forever, Colin. Mr Darcy is supposed to be sexy'."

Did you know that the original script called for Colin to dive into the lake au naturale? But regulations did not permit Colin to dive into the actual lake, so it's a stuntman doing the actual diving, and Colin's swimming about in some studio lake. But it's definitely all Colin when he emerges from the water in his wet shirt and breeches. Not sexy, not at all.

Yes, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy was such a mistake. In fact, I should watch Pride & Prejudice again, to thoroughly examine how Colin simply ruins Mr. Darcy as one of the great literary hearthrobs of all time.

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Oh, yes, such a mistake indeed! I'd better watch it along with you... we can take notes on how he, er, ruined Mr. Darcy. Yeah, that's it.

Posted by: Cordelia at October 15, 2003 01:34 PM

I like his disappointment at the lack of perversion in his fan mail. The dude obviously doesn't get out on the 'net much. Or possibly he's the one who keeps hitting my fanfic page looking for P&P smut.

Posted by: The HP at October 15, 2003 02:32 PM

Your last comment cracked me up, Mags. At last, the mystery is solved!

Posted by: Cordelia at October 18, 2003 12:45 PM