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October 06, 2003

Soho House "library"

[Note: The cross-section of those interested in librarianship and celebrity/media coverage is undoubtedly a limited population, but I include this for those of us starved for tawdry library gossip.]

Soho House is a private club in NYC, one of those current hotspot havens for rich, young expats, media darlings, media hounds, etc. - the usual subjects of gossip columns. It's a periodic setting for many of Gawker's posts, including one about Dido's recent performance in the club's library, which really more of a thematic lounge.

It's an old post, but Gawker also cites a NY Post snippet that snipes about the quality of Soho House's library. Sadly, the Post link is dead, and the paper's archives don't seem to have it available. Suffice to say, there is mostly wallpaper displaying shelves lined with books, because "media people don't read booksóthey only read book reviews"; the bar is better stocked.

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