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October 07, 2003

Oh Happy Day

When I last lived here, the Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon was probably one of the safest spots in Atlanta. Scott and I would have a craving late at night for fresh hot doughnuts, we'd drive over and there would be cop cars from several jurisdictions. Sometimes ambulances or fire department vehicles too.

Apparently it's been closed for some time since I moved, but today it has reopened. Ok, so it's not like I couldn't get KKs in NY in my office building, or any time I want at Kroger or QT these days. But I want to make pilgrimage to Doughnut Mecca, where it will be a clean, well-lighted place and the neon sign will tell me that fresh hot original glazed Krispy Kremes are coming down the conveyor belt, and I will buy half a dozen and inhale them whole, washing them down with a cup of coffee, and I will declare them good.

I'll probably go tonight when I pick up Scott from work. Good thing I'll be walking my four miles with Marco before then.

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