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October 08, 2003

Night of 1000 Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme (John Spinks, AJC) (John Spinks, AJC)

So we went to the newly reopened, refurbished Krispy Kreme, where everything was bright and shiny and new. A line of cars inched patiently towards the 24-hour drive-thru windows. A giant Mayfield cow stood placidly on a truck bed, and a retro KK delivery car was parked out front. (Much cooler than the stupid PT Cruiser.)

We walked past the long window where you could watch fresh doughnuts being made, jiggering up and down in a contraption before landing into the hot oil, then flipping onto the conveyor belt, marching victoriously like a yeasty "Ride of the Valkyries" towards the "waterfall" - a pure white sheet of original glaze. Southern music played over the speakers, stuff like James Brown and Elvis.

A woman behind the counter welcomed us warmly, and I couldn't stop grinning. I asked for an original glazed and a New York cheesecake while Scott ordered a chocolate glazed creme filled and a glazed raspberry filled. The woman pulled my original glazed right off the conveyor belt. I told her how happy I was that they were back, and she smiled. At the register there were flyers and retro paper hats - the kind that Arnold wore on Happy Days, except with the logo. Of course I grabbed one.

There was a display of t-shirts and mugs and other souvenirs for sale. They make a onesie and matching booties with the Krispy Kreme logo - now I've got the perfect gift for the future niece or nephew we're expecting.

We sat and ate blissfully at a low counter opposite the view of new doughnuts being made. We also watched the people who came in after us, waiting in the suddenly long line. People were giddy and smiled openly. They eagerly accepted the free samples of doughnuts straight off the belt, then purchased boxes of dozens for home or the office for the next day. We listened as they watched the panoramic scene - two college guys stood mesmerized as the doughnuts went through the waterfall, then said longingly as how they would love to dive into a pool of original glaze. I even saw one of them whip out his digital camera (I'll borrow Mark's for next time!). I couldn't help but laugh, with my paper hat jammed onto my head.

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sounds like much fun :) the biggest KK I've been to was in New Orleans - i found myself salivating just watching the donuts get glazed.

Posted by: stef at October 8, 2003 05:07 PM