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September 23, 2003


Ok, right now it's just butterflies. I've already met for lunch with a former colleague who ran the library at my last Atlanta job. She was great, showing me around her current library and giving me ideas as to job hunting. If nothing else, I'll turn to temping, which would certainly help to build up my librarian work experience outside of what I've been doing.

But I do have one lead that I'm to try for. It's an academic librarian position, and it would be a very good opportunity. But would they be willing to take someone who's fairly green? How did all those other librarians get started in academia?

So it's time to whip out the resume, and call upon the aid of the career services person at my school. And get references. And write and rewrite and rewrite yet again a cover letter. Ugh.

So I've taken one baby step towards the job search, lunch with the former colleague. The next is tonight, a social/networking meeting for a local chapter of a librarian association. There'll be free munchies and soda, although I suspect there may be need to splurge for some liquid courage. But considering the last time I did this, back in NY, I did meet and get a subsequent interview/offer for an internship, so I just need to grit my teeth, smile like a madwoman, chatter and chatter and remember to circulate. If my nerves fail me I'll just circulate out the door. It's only two hours - if I can at least manage the first hour I'll have made progress.

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Hey, good luck!


Posted by: Mike at September 23, 2003 07:47 PM

so how was it? were you a fabulous social butterfly? or did you tour the crowd briefly and then make like a leaf like i would have done?

Posted by: marco at September 24, 2003 03:54 PM