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September 26, 2003

Try, Try Again

Note to self: In the future, would be v. good idea not to shoot oneself in foot, stick foot in mouth, &c.

Dealing with administrative government does not give cause for leaping out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Rather, so as to slightly delay going to the county tax commissioner's office to get the car's tag/title transferred, I actually cleaned out the litter box this morning. (Amazing how two otherwise lazy cats manage to be quite productive.)

I checked the site numerous times. All owners present and accounted for, check. Emission inspection, check. Application, check. Proof of insurance and local driver's licenses, check. Acceptable method of payment, check. Proof of residency so as to avoid two years' worth of ad valorem taxes? What? WHAT? At that moment, I was deflation defined.

I had to console myself by going to the Container Store, which has all manner of items for organized domestic felicity. Seeing the varieties of containers for one's cotton balls and cotton swabs restored a modicum of faith in myself. Perhaps next time I won't fuck it all up.

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