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September 05, 2003

The Remote Fix is In

Will Bush Backers Manipulate Votes to Deliver GW Another Election? A blunt question asked by Democracy Now! The article interviews Julie Carr Smyth, a reporter with The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century.

Smyth has reported that the head of Diebold, one of the companies that manufacture electronic voting systems, is a top Republican fundraiser. Hmm, the CEO of a maker of voting machines promises to deliver votes for Dubya. Harris' research has uncovered a file off of Diebold's own website that is a time and date-stamped file of election data from San Luis Obispo County, California, data that seems to have been retrieved during actual voting hours. What this suggests is that Diebold, or some other interested party, could not only retrieve election data during a live election, but potentially send data as well, and thereby fix the results.

The news about Diebold just keeps getting worse. And while alarming in its own right, this is the very electronic voting system that's now being used in my state. *shudder*

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