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September 12, 2003

Boob & Tube, Reunited

I have satellite telly! An installer came to attach the dish and hook up the equipment. Don't worry, I still have three library books to read as well as all the others I own. Complete brain rot isn't on the agenda. But I now have BBC America. Woo!

After dropping Scott off at the train station yesterday I felt somewhat adrift. It was too quiet in the house. I was in the middle of a shower when that damn Lee Greenwood song came on the radio. I jumped out and slammed off the switch. Later I called Zeebah while she was still at home and told her what I'd last been up to: cleaning the litter box. She laughed, and I felt a little more grounded. We caught up for a bit, and then I got on with the business of unpacking.

Today while waiting for the FedEx guy to show up, I noticed a realtor's "For Sale" sign stuck into my front lawn. I knew this was a possibility, although given that we just moved in (and just attached a satellite dish to the house!), we're probably okay until next August. Marco's lease is up next month - surely reason will come to the fore and he'll be able to stay? Still, nice way to find out, rather than some kind of notice from the landlord, right?

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