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August 12, 2003

Moving Update

I really hate packing. Given how much time I've had I should be done by now. Unfortunately I've become a tad too acquainted with the TLC lineup. Must really get done in the next few days, because I have social engagements coming up and it would be nice to actually enjoy them guilt-free.

Have suddenly gotten a cold in the last few days. Feeling better, but trying to rid it with vitamin C and medicine - don't want to be all red and sniffly when I'm supposed to be dolled up and fabulous this weekend.

Saw Seabiscuit over the weekend with my friend Julie. An uplifting, sentimental movie, and that's not an epithet. I would love to ride a horse. The closest I've gotten was riding on a pony in kindergarten. I thought I'd be able to yell "Giddy-ap!" and leap over the fence, but no, the pony and I were led placidly around the pen.

As of yesterday, Scott has successfully defended his dissertation, so he's now Dr. Scott. Hurrah!

Now must really get to packing, especially if I'm going to justify tagging along with some gals in Scott's department who are going shoe shopping in the Hamptons or thereabouts later this week.

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Congrats to Dr. Scott!!!

Posted by: The HP at August 13, 2003 09:39 PM