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August 27, 2003

Cable Woes

I have friends who for various reasons choose not to have television in their lives. Bully for them and their enlightened minds and pocketbooks. I, however, take comfort in being the intellectual peabrain, and will put down money to have the idiot box available.

Most of the utilities I have set up without a hitch. But there seems to be only one damned cable provider for my area, and they keep telling me that they do not service my address, although they do service at least one other address down the street apparently. What the f*ck am I supposed to do? I can't blow up at the poor person on the other line. I don't know what the previous tenant had, the landlord was the one who originally gave me the provider info, and I've done web searches to see if there are any other listings for my area (I live in the city of Atlanta, but I'm in Dekalb county - much of Atlanta is in Fulton.) I guess I'll have to try and ask the neighbors.

This should not be so difficult. And now I really feel like an idiot. I already lost half a day yesterday at Wal-Mart getting my tires changed - I might have had a little more time had somebody bothered to call me and tell me the car was ready, but no, I had to sit around reading Jane waiting for the call that never came.

I am Charlie Brown, trying to kick the football that the Lucys of the world keep snatching out of my way. Maybe it would have done Charlie Brown some good if he could have cussed rather than crying "Arrrrrrgh!" all the time.


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