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July 02, 2003


I was offline a bit in the last few days. Much was accomplished.

Lady Crumpet, Lipstick Librarian - As of last Thursday, I took my very last session of the very last class for my master's program. I guess this means I've graduated. (Of course, better get in all that paperwork to that effect). I had to turn in a final exam, and with only 24 hours notice I had to participate in a mock interview. I was a bit of a wreck by the end, but hell, I'm DONE.

It's entirely possible to find an apartment you like in a day. So long as it's not New York, apparently. Got up before dawn last Friday for a six a.m. flight to Atlanta. One of my sisters picked me up and we went apartment hunting, which was ridiculously, beautifully easy. All these apartments, all these deals - it's entirely possible to pick and choose, the rental market is pretty good right now, since so many people are buying houses.

Crashed Friday night with my friend Marco, who'd tipped me to the fact that the other half of his duplex was up for rent. This was the only firm appointment I'd made before coming down to visit. Before I'd even seen the place, I knew I wanted to move in next door, just based on being in Marco's apartment. The other searching was just for show; I was looking for a compelling reason not to live in a cool house in a cool neighborhood, with one of my best friends for a neighbor. There's a bus stop right outside the door that drops one off at the nearest Marta station, less than a mile away. There's a washer/dryer, dishwasher, a gas stove, central heating/air, storage space, a backyard, a porch, the walls are painted nice colors. And the piece de resistance - a Murphy bed. How cool is that?!? We're a quick drive from Little Five Points, Candler Park, Virginia-Highland - all the kinds of places we liked to haunt when we lived down there before.

It's funny - Marco, my sister, the landlord and I all forgot to discuss rent when we walked through the apartment. I knew it wouldn't be unreasonable; we sorted that out soon enough over the phone. Future landlord was pretty much ready to hand over the keys (after I handed over various fees and deposits, of course). Quite possibly the easiest, breeziest apartment search ever.

Hanging Out Anyway, since we had so much free time, Marco and I got to have a nice lazy time bumming around. Walking around Piedmont Park for the Pride Fesival. Casual culinary hopping as well - Fellini's for pizza, Dakota Blue in Grant Park for burritos and sangrias, and Jake's for ice cream (ginger for me, lime sorbet for Marco). Dakota Blue is like a month old, and it's right there on Cherokee Ave. across from Grant Central (the pizza place). A friend of Mike's is one of the partners, and he came out to say hi to us. While we waited for our food, we grabbed some sidewalk chalk - I wasn't very creative, just scrawled out my name. Marco, ever the artistaman, did a groovy portrait. Good food - will definitely stop by again if I'm in the area.

Family Time Otherwise, hung out with my family. My sister's bulldog now has a face that only my sister could love. (He was so cute as a young puppy, I guess he's still cute to my sister.) This dog is like the grandchild our parents have been waiting for. A friendly dog, but boy is he strong - he was so excited to have a new person to play with he kept nearly knocking me down - looks like somebody seriously needs some training. Supposedly bulldogs are some of the stubbornest, stupidest dogs and don't pick up a lot. We'll see about that. He certainly knows how to sit prettily for a treat.

Frankly, I'm never going to own a dog that cannot clean its own ass. My parents and sisters are constantly having to use baby wipes on the dog after he's gone potty in the yard. I guesss the way bulldogs are built, they can't really get to where they need to in order to clean themselves. On the plus side, you don't feel skeevy whenever he feels like licking your face, slobbery pedigreed mutt that he is.

The poor little family dachshund is shunted to the garage whenever the dog is around - though granted, he's really old, and isn't up for puppy aggression, especially a bulldog pup. I wish I could take him, it doesn't seem my parents appreciate him, poor little old man. I made sure he got some extra lap time.

Homeland Security (Or, Hartsfield Sucks!) My trip back was mostly uneventful, except for going through security. Ok, it was probably my fault because I left my watch in my jeans pocket. Having been pulled aside to my mortification, the very polite woman proceeded to check me for illegal objects. While I was cooperative, I didn't really bother to disguise my aggravation. I wasn't rude, just unsettled. First, I had to remove my slides, after which she proceeded to wand my bare feet. WTF? The wand then picked up the studs in my jeans, my jewelry, my underwire bra, and the metal part of the rubber band for my hair. I kept forgetting to hold my arms out and would keep getting reminded to stick them out. Y'all should be relieved to know that no sharp pointy metallic objects which could be used as a deadly weapon were found in my feet or anywhere else on my person.

*sigh* I know they're just doing their jobs, but c'mon. I guess it was more embarrassment than anything else that made me so flustered. Although there's an attempt to standardize airline/airport security, procedures seem different from place to place. I guess I should be glad that they're doing it. And I did have a good, productive trip overall.

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Hey, CONGRATS on finishing up library school! Only six more weeks for me...

How's the job market for us info folk down in Atlanta?

Posted by: Mike at July 3, 2003 11:49 AM

Thanks!!! Actually, I haven't begun my job search yet. (Fortunately Scott has a job waiting for him.) Still need to work on the resume! But I've made contact with the woman who used to be the library director at one of my old firms, and I'll probably look into the professional associations once I'm down there.

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at July 3, 2003 12:40 PM

woohoo! congrats neighbor!

Posted by: marco at July 3, 2003 12:54 PM

I'm kind of late, please don't you're done except for some last essays/paper work? and you are M.A. now? Wow...kudos to you, you've made it!

Posted by: mademoiselle a. at July 8, 2003 12:40 PM