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July 10, 2003

Verify Verify Verify

Baby Ink - "where we believe that it's never to early to start expressing your unique personality through professional, high quality body art....Although we are the ORIGINAL body art chain to cater to toddlers and children, our experienced, talented staff is glad to work on people of all ages."

When I checked out the gallery, I was aghast. Then I decided to see if this place was listed in a phone directory. Nothing. A visit to Snopes confirmed that this was indeed a hoax.

What's true for this newbie librarian is also true for the average President. So where are those Weapons of Mass Destruction - aren't you at all curious, George?

[BBC link via Zeebah]

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Odd timing as I keep meaning to mention the kid that I saw on the train earlier this week with a tat. He couldn't have been more than 12 (even though I'm admittedly horrid at determining age) and it was absolutely a real tattoo. Very disturbing.

Glad this one's a hoax, though. Reminds me of Dog Island.

Posted by: mrw at July 10, 2003 03:24 PM