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July 29, 2003

"Thirty is the new 22"

This NYT article notes that because major life events like marriage and having children are being delayed, turning 30 is not quite the apocalyptic milestone birthday anymore ("Smiling Through the 30th, a Birthday Once Apocalyptic" - Vanessa Grigoriadis, NYT, Styles, 7/20/03]).

Lady Crumpet is most relieved, even though she isn't yet 30 for, um, another 124 days. Not that she's counting or anything. Still, what will she have accomplished by this milestone date, arbitrary as it is? Her friend Marco went to Italy. Her friend Sarah gave birth to a daughter. Her friend Jen had a fabulous party in Brooklyn.

Ok, I haven't accomplished diddly squat, even though I cannot paint screens with I know not what. (Sorry, Janey joke there.) Since returning to New York though, I think I have really come into my own. I have earned a master's. I have written a draft of a very bad novel. I have started and faithfully maintained a blog. I have made an effort to go to film festivals and good theater. I have dined at some really great restaurants. I have made chili from scratch. I have whomped pizza dough and made a passable pie. I have survived a Kate Spade sample sale. I have nearly knocked a Tony-winning actor off his roller blades. I have followed Neil Finn around the North- and Southeast. I have married, but that's not something to be smug about. I have found some really wonderful girlfriends.

The minutiae of one small life out of the billions on this planet. Still flying by the seat of my pantaloons. Not yet time to get all ponderous.

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I found 29 to be much, much harder than 30. 40 was nothin'. I didn't even notice 41....

Posted by: Maggie at July 31, 2003 11:30 PM