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July 02, 2003

No Fisherman's Tale

Yes, there really is a seal in the Gowanus Canal. Ok, so he's not there now, he's been recuperating for the past two months out in a facility in Riverhead. But it's amazing he's there at all, living for sometime in a dirty canal bordered by the very urban streets of Brooklyn. ("A Brooklyn Seal's Trick: Surviving the Gowanus" - Patrick Healy, NYT, Metro, 7/2/03)

Please people, don't name it Gowanda. That's just wrong.

Yours, &c., LC | 11:04 AM | New York minutes | Comments (1)


Aww. Poor little guy. I'm glad they got him out. There actually are a lot of seals in the Sound near where I live. I keep meaning to go see them. Add it to the list...

Posted by: mrw at July 2, 2003 11:40 AM