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July 07, 2003

My Firm Grossed $175,000,000

...and all I got was a three percent raise. The July 2003 issue of The American Lawyer is now out, with its annual AmLaw 100, which ranks the top law firms by various capacities (gross profits, profits by region, profits by partner, etc.).

Three percent doesn't even cover the cost of living around here. Yes, times are tough, the economy sucks. Yes, my job is entry level. But a glowing evaluation doesn't mean much if it doesn't translate into a meaningful financial recognition for the work that I do. And what's even worse is that the glowing praise isn't even that sincere. I'm so glad I have to leave this job.

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Ah, the corporate world. Ain't it grand?

I surely don't miss that. I've got one better - my last company was entirely privately held. We "weren't seeing the profits that we expected" so no one received raises and almost 15% of the staff was let go. On the same day that people were laid off the owner donated $12 mil to a local museum.

Glad you're getting out of there, too. It sounds like it's just a demoralizing environment.

Posted by: mrw at July 7, 2003 01:47 PM