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July 14, 2003


My last week on the job; I'm done this Thursday and have a long-planned trip with my friends from Pemberley. Staring down mountains of paperwork and new books for the shelves. What will get done will get done. I can't do it all. Of course, I might get more done if I didn't have other people interrupting me, telling me how important it is to get certain books on the shelf, and if I need any help, just to let her know. Um, like I'm surrounded, about to drown, I even say "Sure, if there's anything you'd like to take to work on, please go ahead." But I guess that's too subtle for some people to understand.

Definitely having butterflies. I'm used to working, being employed. Not that I won't be again, but it's a point of pride for me to have someplace I have to go (even though there are days I'd prefer not to). But I will definitely be busy over the next few weeks. The list of things to do is getting shorter, as is the time I have left. No need to panic...just yet.

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