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June 12, 2003

The Nature of Blogs

Dave Winer asks the question, What Makes a Weblog a Weblog? Winer is also responsible for working out an understanding with the New York Times - he's set up RSS feeds so that your links to articles remain intact and free of charge. This is just wonderful - so now, how do I retro-engineer my older posts that link to NYT articles? As a cautionary measure, I'm going to continue with my brief citations so that if this arrangement doesn't work out, articles can still be tracked down the old-fashioned way. Which would be, you know, going to the library.

Over at PC Magazine, John C. Dvorak makes some predictions about blogging.

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Dvorak's predictions, I gather, are that blogs are becoming popular and that popular phenomena draw the attention of popular media and entrepreneurs. Was there a point to this column?

Oh, yeah. Popularity is ephemeral. I repeat, was there a point?

Posted by: Scott at June 12, 2003 06:09 PM