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June 20, 2003

"Science got me laid!"

I've posted before about Google trying to protect its trademark and prevent the dilution of its name from falling into everyday usage as a verb. The BBC reports on this as well: "Google calls in the 'language police.'" Interestingly, Google's trademark is still pending in Europe, so it's not really a violation for the moment "to google" over there.

The choice remark comes courtesy of Robbie Williams, pop star. (Disclosure: Ok, ok, I have his first two albums. He's got smart, slick pop and he's luscious! Sorry.) The full quotation:

...singer Robbie Williams says US women who initially reject his amorous advances often have a change of heart when they run his name through a search engine.

"I've since been told: 'That girl googled you because she knows who you are now.' So hurrah for googling!" says Williams. "Science got me laid."

I find it hard to believe Robbie has trouble with the ladies. Even I know he's originally from Take That, the superstar British boy band. Oh well. Glad that technology can help out the poor guy.

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