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May 19, 2003

"There is no Melville Huey"

Sayeth Jim Heckel, director of the library in Great Falls, Montana, where a brood of ducklings have hatched in the library's plaza. (The nest was discovered several weeks ago, and the mother duck had been seen swimming in the plaza fountain.) He named one of the ducklings after Melville Dewey, father of the Dewey decimal system (although today libraries tend to use the Library of Congress system). However, he won't stand for any of the other ducklings to be named Huey or Louie: "Instead, he suggest[s] that they be numbered -- 598.41, 598.42, 598.43 and so on -- after the location in the library where duck books are found."

["Library Makes Way for Ducklings" - AP via CNN, 5/16]

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