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May 19, 2003

Hiding out in Siberia

The latest BABB was lovely. Met up with Zeebah, Hands Free, Mike, Gak, our evening's host, Paul Frankenstein, and many others. Paul has posted some photos. Really, I'm not advertising for Red Stripe beer, I just happened to look up when this was shot.

Siberia, has a nondescript, sidedoor sort of entrance, unmarked except for a red light above it. The place was dark, we were all aglow in the wash of red lighting, there was scattered seating. A dive, yet a little too spacious, so people spread out a bit. Not the same crush, though, as we experienced at Zanzibar.

Also a good place to lay low, so it would seem. Today's PageSix reports that Jayson Blair, the disgrace of the Old Gray Lady, was there when he was supposed to have been in West Virginia interviewing Private Jessica Lynch's family.

JAYSON Blair ruined his career by fabricating tales and plagiarizing stories in the New York Times, but at least he was having fun doing it. We hear the disgraced reporter was spotted at Hell's Kitchen hotspot Siberia talking on his cell phone and taking notes around the same time he was supposed to be in Palestine, W. Va., covering the story of freed POW Jessica Lynch. But when a bartender asked about something reading "West Virginia" in Blair's pile of papers, the Timesman refused to talk about it.

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