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May 08, 2003

Code Poetica

I need to blog right now like I need a hole in the head. But what's another hole?

Stole this meme from Mike, and ran the Armoire through Rob's Amazing Poem Generator. It's addictive and appeals to my base literary pretensions.

Another lit toy : a William S. Burroughs Cut-Up Machine.

Also, the Postmodernism Generator, which gave me the pseudo-essay "Subcapitalist dialectic theory in the works of Madonna" Opening sentences: "In the works of Madonna, a predominant concept is the concept of presemiotic narrativity. Geoffrey[1] implies that we have to choose between neocultural capitalism and cultural substructuralist theory."

Oh yeah - here's my generated poem.

Lady Armoire Musings and searchable online, and
the park, Later that I can manage.
Gah! Posted by
LadyCrumpet at 10:19 AM Boring techie
update Ok, so cool as I had
pick up in being beneath
a job. in part
to pick up
the librarian Rocker Chick Regular readers of
the public hearings.
Auditioning for an
attempt at a couple of the falconer
was once more, easily overwhelmed,
were called away so there
with Starbuck was once again going to conduct
some serious research for
the larger female, who also happened to
federal depository libraries in the Good,
You Take the
Committee on his questioning.
Those witnesses such as I need
to see the
Good, So
excited to do that I am.

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