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April 01, 2003

Going Offline

V. Bridget Jones this morning. Paying bills online. Trying to remember if I've packed enough underwear. Oh god - what shoes am I going to bring? Hmmm. Perhaps should not use sporty urban citypack with a squillion pockets, as security might look askance at being forced to search so many nooks and crannies only to find crushed bandaids and paper clips and old ticket stubs. Oh, sod them.

Not sure how near to a computer I'll be, though I'll do my darnedest to make an appearance. Wonder if perhaps attachment to email and to blog is leading to dire internet addiction, with self glued to keyboard and cats mewling for food and husband having gone off in search of less geeky companionship. Will see how the withdrawal goes. But Chicago's a big town - surely there's an internet cafe? May also have a Janey activity in the works - a lecture, even, to dredge what remains of my brain. At any rate, I can try blogging offline, with pen and paper. ;)

But I shall return, never fear, my fabulous cadre of readers. I think my last real vacation was last summer. Hopefully the office won't be in shambles when I come back, or my reputation slagged upon. But no more thoughts to work. Thoughts of fattening thick Chicago pizza pies and the famous wind whipping through my hair as I flee into the indoors of the Art Institute to visit the Impressionist collection. Ciao now.

P.S. Highly recommend the 10:27 version of Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do" as packing music. Put it on repeat - I defy you not to find yourself in instant boogie mode. A good substitute for morning coffee as well.

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