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April 11, 2003

April Showers - Gah!

The flowers better be damned stunning next month. My pants are soaked from knee to ankle, my socks and loafers are currently drying under my desk. My umbrella blew out without warning and has since met its fate in a garbage can in Bryant Park. But hey…while pulling on my socks this morning I realized that my legs are actually quite toned, just from walking to work. Plus I breezily skipped up the long flight of stairs at Penn Station without gasping at the top. Now if only this activity would extend its miraculous benefits to the rest of my figure. Perhaps I should cut back on slathering my crumpets with butter and lemon curd…nah.

Tired. Coming back from vacation, working late, school meetings. Then I have to pile on meeting some folks at the Knitting Factory to go see Vic Chesnutt last night. Yeah, yeah, my life is so hard here in the City.

Which reminds me…. I need to compile a list of things to do whilst I'm still here in New York. So far I've only come up with the more touristy or foodie type things - Statue of Liberty, breakfast at Balthazar, frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. Feel free to offer some suggestions, and I'll post up a list, with strikethroughs to indicate whether or not I've accomplished them.

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