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March 31, 2003

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Fallen off the wagon in terms of blogging. Quelle horreur! (Yes, I'm using what little French I know to spite the ridiculousness of the French-bashing. It's one thing to have issue with their political actions. It's another to rename a basic brunch treat.) So let's see. Work work work. The books and bills keep coming. I've rediscovered ICQ - and it's v. distracting.

Jen and I took the train to New Haven to go see Jane Austen's portrait, done by her sister Cassandra. It's so...tiny. I'm glad I saw it, it's just a shame there isn't a finished proper portrait of her. But I found myself coming back to look at it several times. There was also a first edition of Pride & Prejudice, which was a lovely, lovely treat. When I came across Byron, I found myself unconsciously twirling my hair in front of him. Why hello, George Gordon. The man's appeal remains. John Keats was just a ridiculously beautiful, gorgeous man. Blake looked just as I thought he might - idiosyncratic intelligence blazing from his eyes, a commanding figure more powerful than attractive. Wordsworth's portrait was one of my favorites, apart from the amazing Keats miniature. It's a bit of a shame that photographs have taken the miniature's place as portable portrait.

Brunch at Good Enough to Eat with my new city pal, Mike. The place is cute, sort of farmhouse style, and they sell paraphernalia out the wazoo, including sweatpants with the store's logo emblazoned across the posterior. I had fresh apple pancakes that had a dollop of sour cream. Just the right thing to go with masses of coffee. A shortcut through Central Park, where we spotted our first robin of the spring, a fat little guy just hanging out in the wet grass. The Manet/Velazquez exhibit - crowded attendance but a well-curated exhibit. The weather was a bit awful - cold, rainy. Coffee and cake at some diner, then a last-minute decision to see Bend It Like Beckham. Perfect Anglophile fluff. Mike was properly disturbed that I could pick out Melanie C's songs during the movie (Mel C, aka Sporty Spice).

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