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March 16, 2003

Wait, this is a joke. Isn't it?

Our color-coded alert system may get a new risk level [CNN]. So the feds are considering inserting a level between Red (Severe) and Orange (High) Alert, to make the distinction that there is an even greater threat to Americans because we're siccing war on Iraq and we should be on alert, but not necessarily at the highest alert, because "there is fear that raising the risk to the ultimate warning level would do serious harm to an already-shaky economy."

So will there be a new color for this alert, Orange-Red, perhaps? Or will there be sub-alerts for each color, ranging from Orange-Low to Orange-Severe? This is so infuriating. Tell the American people how severe things are, so we know what we need to be doing, so that we can make informed, purposeful decisions instead of being coddled and told to just go about our daily lives. It's like parents telling their kids everything will be fine, when everybody fucking knows that things are not fine. We would all be better off rallying together to a constructive purpose, to do something meaningful with all this collective anxiety. Instead we're dithering, racing out for duct tape and plastic sheeting, or renaming French fries, French toast, and French kisses, or beating up on the Dixie Chicks for being ashamed that the President is from Texas. (Natalie Maines, the lead singer, has since apologized, when she didn't need to, but fans in the heartland are upset, and country music stations are banning their music when they're about to embark on a national tour. Sheesh. Have some stones, girl!)

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